Education, Its Stages And It Forms

December 3rd, 2014 | by Herbert
Education, Its Stages And It Forms

A transfer of information such as skills, values, knowledge, habits and beliefs from one person to other person in learning form is known as education. Under other guidance only it takes place often, but some educate themselves. Stages in education are pre, primary and secondary school, college and university. It is compulsory to take education for certain age and it occurs in informal or formal settings. Education is a word which came from Latin means a bringing up. History of education is older as they start as to give knowledge to youngsters by adults. As extend in culture starts, knowledge transformation learned by formal education. In Egypt schools started in middle kingdom. Education that takes place with particular set up such as classrooms, trained teacher and students is terming as formal education. Education that takes place in various places as work, home and interaction is knows as informal education.

Teacher- A Person Who Makes Perfect Student

One of the best categories of education is “Teacher”, let discuss various features of teacher. A person who transfers knowledge to students through education and always works for up lift men of students is teacher. To become a teacher the first quality is to have necessary qualification from college or university, it also includes pedagogy studying. As curriculum (study course) base they started to teach students. Role of teacher varies as they give instruction in religion, literacy, civics, vocational training, craftsmanship, life skills and community role. Religious texts such as Bible, Quran are teaches by religious teachers such as mullahs, gurus and pastors. Teachers may company with student in places such as school functions organization, extracurricular activities, hall supervising and so on. Teachers are must around the world as they doing transfer of knowledge, internal monitoring, specialized education and ethics codes. With parental discipline, teachers acts as secondary parent to students as they helps to keep up school discipline. Positive disposition in course content helps teacher to transfer it easily to their students.

Teacher’s role is teaching, student’s role is learning. In classrooms, teachers acts with more energy while teaching to make students more enrolment in subject and make them more excitement in learning the subject. A teacher follows friendly and strong relationship with students to know the psychology of him/her. Teaching methods and teachers activities differs from country to country. Combination of principles and instruction is teaching method. It includes demonstration, participation in class, memorization, recitation or combination of all above said. Giving lecture to students (through audio and video) is the way of explaining the subjects detail according to the knowledge of student. Collaborating is learning processes in students are allowing taking part in other talking. Learning by teaching is the method of learning in which student play the role of teacher, teaches their peers and learnt with it. In India teacher’s day is celebrating in the birthday of Dr. Radha Krishnan he is a best teacher. Without teacher it is not possible for all to get good education. It is necessary for all to take education under teacher’s supervision to become a right person. Praise the teachers always as they have important role in all life.

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